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As email has grown over the years, the role of Email “Teams” has evolved quite a bit.  When I first started sending email many years ago, I built very simple links only HTML with text versions of templates.  I sent them 1,000 at a time through a UNIX command screen.  The wisdom of the day was to fire these messages to as many people as possible.  I would send millions of messages by hand and it would take me 30+ hours.  That’s what email was all about, database size = success.

The industry started to venture into the world of visually pleasing HTML.  I started to work with web designers, and learned to take those templates and make them work in the email world.  About this time, the “Email Team” concept started to take hold.  Marketers began thinking about simple segmentation.  That involved working with the data folks in your company in order to start targeting customers.  I learned more about SQL than I ever wanted to know.  These developments brought the world of database management and CRM into the equation.  Without a strong database behind marketing efforts, you can’t track and report on success.

The next step was a move to one-to-one marketing.  This started to involve revenue management and more and more marketing and business people to determine what inventory to push.  Deliverability concerns became important about this time as ISP’s started to automate and push back against the deluge of SPAM.  This added another skill to the email toolbox.  I went from someone who was a very process based-production person, to someone who understood the email business and the marketing/business justifications from top to bottom.

We’ve moved from a task to a self-contained industry.  I am curious about where email fits in your daily responsibilities.  Is email your only job duty?  Do you have specific roles within your team, or are you exposed to many parts of this process?  Does your company value email as a function, or is it a necessary evil?

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  4. Reply Andrew Bonar Apr 7,2010 12:14 pm

    I work as a freelance consultant and the main area of my work is in email deliverability. I have clients in the UK and Australia currently.

    In Sydney on a deliverability project at the moment

    So I would say email is my primary source of income

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