Do I Have Bad Taste…Not Likely!!

The family and I had a great start to the long weekend today.  This last week has been one of the busiest and most stressful in recent memory.  We had some bad news, some good news, and some expected news.  TGIF was certainly the rallying cry yesterday.  I wanted to plan some fun activities to relax and just enjoy life.  On the agenda for today was a movie at the local IMAX theater and a lunch at a place just voted the best hamburger joint in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

First, the IMAX experience.  I have somehow never been to an IMAX theater.  I now see what all the fuss is about, and will not be a stranger.  This was just the right kind of an outing for our “age group.”  A four year-old has a pretty short attention span, so we try and pick activities that are short and packed with action.  We went to the Omni Theater in Fort Worth and watched the film Dolphins.  The film was narrated by Pierce Brosnan and followed two researchers on their journey to understand the communication of dolphins.  It’s amazing to see the relationships, intelligence, and emotions of these majestic animals.  It also doesn’t hurt to feel like you are flying over coastlines, diving under the sea, and along for the ride as the dolphins fly up out of the water.  We had a great time; the theater and the atmosphere were all first class.

Now we move to part two of the day’s plan.  A local website,, has been conducting a “Battle of the Burgers” this summer.  They started with a tournament style 32-restaurant battle royal.  Burgers are one of those funny foods that just about everybody has a pretty strong opinion about.  I will say, in my experience from some pretty extensive travels, the DFW area does have several pretty great burger options.  I have read the articles this summer as the contest was pared down to the final two.  The winner was a place that was new to me, but is a long time Fort Worth staple.  The M&O Station Grill was declared by the readers as the best burger in DFW.  We decided to go and check it out for ourselves today.

The point of this post isn’t really to review the restaurant.  We went at 12:45 on a Saturday, and the place was empty except for 2 other people.  This seemed odd to me less than 2 weeks after being named “the best” burger, but that’s fine.  The portions were smallish, which was ok but unexpected.  The onion rings were honestly pretty gross.  I had an exotic burger stuffed with cream cheese and poblano peppers, then topped with guacamole.  It was good, but not worth any kind of  extra effort to get there.

This isn’t the first time this has happened to me.  You see these “best-of” lists all the time.  The best movies, restaurants, products, and vacation spots are pushed by various outlets.  It seems like anytime we try to follow this advice, we are disappointed.  Isn’t there a reason why McDonalds is crowded all the time?  Just because something isn’t exotic or fancy doesn’t mean it isn’t good.  I am not suggesting that McDonalds is the “best” of anything, but they most likely have about ten million dollars of my money!

Are we the only people who get tricked by these lists?  Does anyone ever go to these places and come away thinking they found the pot of gold?  Maybe I do have bad taste?  Probably not…

Just in case you were wondering, Five Guys Burgers & Fries is the best burger joint in the world!!  You can customize your burger, and the restaurant is vegetarian friendly, which makes my wife really happy.  An added bonus:  their fries are out of this world.

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