Did Facebook Reverse on Landing Tab Requirements? 1

I wrote yesterday about the changes to landing tab requirements announced by Facebook in a developer forum.  The change required sites to have 10,000 fans before implementing  custom landing tabs.  This requirement was a large blow for small businesses trying to establish a presence on Facebook.  By default, fan pages go directly to the wall, not the best place to make a first impression.

Allfacebook.com is reporting this today that Facebook may have backed off the requirement.  The landing tabs are available for anyone, the same as they have been in the past.  Allfacebook.com has reached out for clarification, but is not able to confirm.

Here’s my question.  What does Facebook want to be?  How can a small business have any faith in setting up shop at Facebook?  All of the privacy issues that have plagued Facebook in the past few weeks are just the beginning.  I don’t think they understand what they want to be now that they are grown-up.  Is Facebook a place for businesses to interact with customers, or just a place to take mindless quizzes?

The pressure is mounting.  Time magazine has Facebook on the cover this week.

May 31st is “Quit Facebook” day.  This is a referendum on the future of social networking as we know it.  As always, we will vote with our clicks, or lack of clicks.

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