DFW Airport Travelers – Terminal C Alert

If you fly out of DFW Airport and are leaving out of Terminal C, be aware the rug has been pulled out from you.  Many security lines have been closed, and wait times are very long (even for us Priority Access folks).

I would suggest if you are traveling at peak times, go through at Terminal E and take the Skylink, unless of course you have luggage to check and in that case be there 2 hours early.

D/FW AIRPORT — It’s the end of the line for security at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport Terminal C, and passengers are at the end of their rope.

“Never seen lines like this. Not here,” said air traveler Nick Johnson. “This is ridiculous.”

Even during normally slower midday flight times, passengers faced 30-minute wait times on Monday — and early morning security lines are even longer.

The Transportation Security Administration is now asking passengers to come to the airport at least two hours early.

Construction at D/FW Terminal A has shut down one checkpoint and moved some daily sold-out flights to Terminal C — including two bound for Hawaii.

“That’s 400 extra passengers right there, and they all have to go through security and their bags have to be screened,” explained TSA spokesman Luis Casanova.

TSA says it anticipated more traffic at Terminal C during airport renovations, and assigned more personnel. But C now has 31,000 ticket holders to process, compared to 18,000 for Terminal A.

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