Dallas Cowboys Forget to Renew dallascowboys.com 3


What else can you say.  Yesterday, when the Dallas Cowboys made even more international news than normal, here is what visitors to dallascowboys.com were greeted with as they tried to rejoice at the firing of Wade Phillips.

I know it seems impossible, but it does happen.  Giant companies forget to renew their domains.  I know you can register it for what seems like 100 years, but even then it still happens.  I think the main issue here, it that normally technical people are the contact for domain registration information.  There is sometimes a lack of detail to “marketing” issues with these groups.  I know, sometimes I am part of these groups.

This is a huge gaffe.  It is inexcusable no matter how it happened.  I am sure Network Solutions had a good time with the extra revenue.  I guess we can cut Jerry a little slack this week as Rome crumbled around him.


3 thoughts on “Dallas Cowboys Forget to Renew dallascowboys.com

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  2. Reply Peter Wyro Nov 11,2010 7:14 pm

    I’m not saying that this isn’t true, but I thought that I heard this a couple of years ago as well. Are you sure this isn’t some kind of internet urban legend?

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