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So, Jerry Jones has finally pulled the trigger.  Wade Phillips was put out of his misery this morning and fired as head coach after the Cowboys fell to 1-7.  The same Dallas Cowboys team who many experts thought had a real chance to host the Super Bowl this winter in their own palace of a stadium.  The Cowboys finally did the only thing they could do, but not the thing that will make a difference.  Jason Garrett will take over as the interim head coach for the remainder of the season.

What should the Cowboys do now?

Jerry Jones should be the head football coach of the Dallas Cowboys.

I know, it sounds crazy.  Jerry is the owner, he’s not a coach right?  Most people agree that Jerry’s constant meddling makes it impossible for the Cowboys to have a good coach.  Not since Jimmy Johnson was here have the Cowboys had a real coach.  Bill Parcels didn’t count as a real coach because he was basically stealing money from Jerry at the end of a career.  All the rest of the coaches have been Jones lackeys and yes men.  Switzer, Campo, Gailey, and now Phillips were all guys just happy to be a head coach.

Do you think Bill Cowher or Jon Gruden would come to Dallas to be smothered by the Jones family?  Why would  they?

The Cowboys need to finally pull the trigger on the thing we’ve been header for since Jimmy and Jerry parted all those years ago.  Let Jerry put on his “D” visor and finally be the coach.  This is the driver of all the angst and blame and disrespect that has bubbled in the Cowboys organization all these years.  No longer will players go around the coach they don’t respect to talk to “Mr. Jones” about playing time.  It’s time for Jerry to make the decisions.  There’s no reason he can’t do it.  We all know he’s been perched in the huddle for the last 20 years, so don’t tell me isn’t a “football guy”, hell that’s all he is at this point.  I’d rather ask him about blitzes than barrels of oil.

What will Jerry find out as coach of the Dallas Cowboys?

  • Tony Romo is a loser – There’s a reason he went to a small college.  There’s a reason he wasn’t drafted.  There’s a reason he wears his baseball cap backwards even though he’s 30 years old.  He’s a loser.  He’s no kid, he’s not growing out of anything.
  • Kicker = Bad
  • Running Backs = Overrated
  • Keith Brooking is a dinosaur.
  • Dez Bryany can play.  That’s about it, everyone else has quit.

Let Coach Jones take the reins and we’ll find out once and for all.  Let’s have the architect of this disaster drive his won bus.  You can say it wouldn’t be fun.  I’d rather watch Jerry coach it than another retread, and that’s all they could get.

You heard it here first, Jerry Jones will be the next head coach of the Dallas Cowboys!

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