Cloudy With A Chance of … Penis? Really? 1

This guy must have done somebody in the newsroom wrong.  Revenge is best served as a penis the size of Texas.  There is some upside.  He isn’t on the business end of this “situation.”

Late Links:</p> <p>Bikini Friday: Brooke Hogan and Kristin Davis.</p> <p>Cleavage Friday: Anna Faris and Elizabeth Hurley.</p> <p>Pretty In Print: Adriana Lima for Victoria’s Secret.</p> <p>Taylor Momsen flashes her pasties on stage at Don Hill&#8217;s.</p> <p>Get To Know A Hottie: Sarah Stage.</p> <p>International Beauty of the Day: Diana Morales.</p> <p>Nerve: The Week in Sex.</p> <p>Holy Taco: 12 Shocking Revelations from Snooki&#8217;s Upcoming Novel.</p> <p>Late List: 10 Things You Didn&#8217;t Know About Jägermeister.</p> <p>[screencap: reddit.]

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