Chris Brown Has A Publicist? 1

You guys remember Chris Brown.  Chris Brown is the singer who was arrested for punching out his girlfriend Rhianna.  We’ve all seen the pictures of her after she went a few rounds with Chris Brown.  The end result was not pretty.

The career of Chris Brown has certainly (and justifiably) not been going all that well.  It’s pretty hard to get behind a guy who thinks he can smack around his girlfriend.  Chris Borwn is attempting a comeback.  I know he’s out and about.  He released a new album in December.  It also looks like Chris has been doing some charity work including some good work for the victims of the Haiti earthquake.  These seems to be steps in the right direction to coming back into the public eye.  So you can imagine my surprise last weekend as I sat down to watch the pay-per-view boxing event between Floyd Mayweather and Shane Mosley.  The crowd is fired up and ready to go.  Michael Buffer comes out and utters his famous phrase.  “Let’s get ready to rumble!”   Then we had a move of pure public relations genius.  Who is singing the national anthem at a BOXING MATCH???

Chris Brown is singing the national anthem at a fight.  Can you imagine the discussions with his manager?  Chris, we’ve got this great opportunity to get you back out in the public eye.  Don’t worry about where, just go and sing your heart out.  We’ll make everybody forget about you doing a Mohammed Ali impersonation.  There’s no way anyone will make the connection.

Where do I sign up for this job?  I have some great ideas.

Tiger Woods – Spokesman for Abstinence
The Jersey Shore Cast – National Spokespeople for MENSA
Captain “Sully” Sullenberger – President of National Birdwatching Society
Cheech and Chong – Citizens Against Drugs
Nancy Reagan – Legalize Marijuana
Peyton Manning – He Already Endorses Everything

There’s always a new career opportunity around the corner.

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