Cesc Fabregas is Finally Leaving Arsenal – So What?

I am writing this from the point of view of an Arsenal fan, because if you are a Barcelona fan, the reality is that is doesn’t really matter how Fabregas plays, you still have the best club in the world.  Cesc Fabregas is a great player (when he is healthy, and that’s the biggest problem), but what’s he doing for Arsenal right now?  The Gunners have no chance to win the Premiere League and are going to struggle to get to the top 4.

Fabregas whines and moans every off season about going home to Barcelona.  Maybe Cesc can’t handle the pressure and wants to go to a packed Bracelona club and just dissappear?  I remember Arsenal and Barcelona last year when a backwards flick in the box by Farregas ruined any chance Arsenal had of getting a draw.  What was that?  Why have someone in your locker who doesn’t want to be there?  $57 million for someone who wasn’t going to make much of a difference on your club seems like a pretty good deal to me.  Of course, getting Wenger to go out and spend that cash is another story.

Fabregas will have his moments this season for Barcelona, but again who really cares?  Messi is still Messi without Cesc.  There’s a possibility Fabregas doesn’t even crack the top 11 for Barcelona.  Hell, they won the Champions League without him.  This strikes me as purely an ego move and not a football move at all.

We’ll see what happens.

MADRID — Cesc Fabregas is finally returning to boyhood club Barcelona.

The Spaniard’s long-awaited transfer from Arsenal finally materialized Sunday when the two clubs announced they reached a preliminary agreement for the 24-year-old midfielder. The deal will be completed once Fabregas signs a contract and undergoes a medical exam Monday, the clubs said.

Spanish media reports put the price of the transfer at around $57 million.

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger said the club did not want to lose Fabregas.

“However, we understand Cesc’s desire to move to his home town club and have now accepted an offer from Barcelona,” the Frenchman said in a statement on Arsenal’s website.

Fabregas will return to the club that nurtured him before he joined Arsenal in 2003. He went on to become Arsenal’s youngest ever starter a month later at 16 and was made club captain in November 2008.

The 24-year-old star could make his debut Wednesday at the Camp Nou as the Spanish champions welcome Real Madrid for the return leg of their Spanish Supercup series, which is at 2-2 after Sunday’s first leg.

“Tomorrow is the presentation and after that we see,” said Guardiola, who didn’t believe relations between the clubs had soured because of the protracted and sometimes awkward negotiations for Fabregas.

“Last year we made an offer and they said no. All the time this situation is happening, it was tough negotiations,” Guardiola said from the Santiago Bernabeu stadium.

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