Paid YouTube Seems Hypocritical

The news came out this week that YouTube would begin charging for certain channels.  I understand the move from a business perspective, even though I think it will fail.  The thing that bothered me about this announcement, is this is a business based on stealing others intellectual property.  There’s not much on YouTube that isn’t ...

Headline Writing is Out of Control

I am just about to stop reading news on the Internet.  Here is my issue.  Just about every news article you see these days has a headline that is misleading at best, probably an exaggeration, but even more likely just a flat-out lie.  It seems like every single story that you see teased somewhere has ...

First Picture of Bomber #2 In Custody

First Picture of Bomber #2 In Custody
Here’s the Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect #2 in custody.

A New Picture of the Boston Bomber

A New Picture of the Boston Bomber
Here’s a new image that has a very clear picture of “Suspect #2” in the Boston Marathon bombing.  Here he is running away with no backpack.

Pat Summerall Dead at 82

The voice of Madden Football, not to mention John Madden’s partner and legendary player and broadcaster has died. Pat Summerall was 82 years old.

Someupside Review – AskMen Most Desirable Women of 2013 #59-40

I don’t know if I have ever seen one of these lists that drove me more crazy than the AskMen Top 99 Women of 2013.  Who did they ask about this?  There’s no way the results of this list are the final result of legitimate voting.  The list is contrived and pretty much ridiculous.  Have ...