What’s Your…Shower Number?

A few years ago, I bought a new shower head.  It was a Delta faucet that has an LED display in it that shows the water temperature, and changes colors with the water temperature.  It wasn’t a crazy thought out process, I need a new shower head, and that one looked pretty cool.  It turns ...

FxWirePro EURUSD gains some upside momentum but still bearish

EUR/USD inched higher on Monday as concerns over a failed coup attempt in Turkey eased increasing demand for European currencies. The pair … Source: New feed

Some Upside GBP Risk On An Unchanged BoE – Barclays

If our forecasts for no change in BoE policy materialise this Thursday, the GBP may find some temporary support, given that interest rate markets imply … Source: New feed

Paid YouTube Seems Hypocritical

The news came out this week that YouTube would begin charging for certain channels.  I understand the move from a business perspective, even though I think it will fail.  The thing that bothered me about this announcement, is this is a business based on stealing others intellectual property.  There’s not much on YouTube that isn’t ...

Craig Sager is Passed Out in a (Shocking) Ugly Sweater

Some college kids found the worst dressed old guy in America passed out in a hotel in Milwaukee a couple of days ago.  Of course what would you do besides a photobomb frenzy?  After reading through this girl’s Twitter account, something tells me this isn’t her first rodeo. Anyway, bask in the greatness of passed ...

First Picture of Bomber #2 In Custody

First Picture of Bomber #2 In Custody
Here’s the Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect #2 in custody.