For Pete’s Sake – Stop Emailing

For Pete's Sake - Stop Emailing
A marketer secures an email address and has a warm body on the other end.  This should be cause for email marketing joy, but too often the next step is one that ends with a frustrated and fed-up consumer.  I will never understand the concept of sending so many emails to a recipient that leaves ...

I Have Pogo Contact

I wanted to give everyone an update on my Pogo Spam situation.  Someone from Pogo finally contacted me.  I don’t want to be too harsh, because at least it happened, but I had to go a long way to make this happen.  Tons of retweets (doesn’t anyone at Pogo monitor Twitter), multiple blog posts, Facebook, ...

@Pogo is not Going to Stop the Spam 2

@Pogo is not Going to Stop the Spam
When we last left our Pogo spam adventure, I was unsubscribing for the third time.  I documented and took screenshots of that action here.  Yesterday, I received another email.  I guess the 3rd unsubscribe didn’t take either. I am now resigned to the fact that Pogo and Electronic Arts are in violation of the CAN-SPAM ...

Staples – Ugliest Email Ever?

Staples - Ugliest Email Ever?
I freely admit I am pretty picky when it comes to email marketing.  That does not however mean that each and every email that hits my inbox (or spam/bulk folder) should be a work of art.  I actually sometimes miss the days when email was small and to the point.  These days with broadband being ...

McKayla Maroney Meme Tackles Email Deliverability

McKayla Maroney Meme Tackles Email Deliverability
My contribution to the very funny McKayla Maroney meme craze. So what if you can deliver email to Hotmail?

Pogo and Electronic Arts are Offically Spamming Me

Pogo and Electronic Arts are Offically Spamming Me
I tried to be nice.  I have now unsubscribed from Pogo email 3 times.  This seems to have no effect, because I keep receiving email from Pogo. This is Spam.  This is a violation of the CAN-SPAM Act.  Stop it already. These are reasons why people don’t like email marketing.  This is not good business.  ...