Casey Anthony Not Guilty – My Take

The Casey Anthony jury returned verdicts of not-guilty on counts of first-degree murder, manslaughter, and aggravated child abuse.  Casey Anthony was found guilty of 4 counts of providing false information to a law enforcement officer.  As you might imagine, the world has exploded in protest of these verdicts.  I have not watched the trial, so I only know what I have read from daily news updates and what I have heard from others.  I am by no means an expert on this case.

Here’s how I feel about these kinds of cases.  I just try to avoid anything dealing with kids and suffering.  It makes me so angry to think about anyone inflicting any harm on a kid.  I also get very disgusted with people like Nancy Grace.  She wouldn’t have a show if she wasn’t exploiting these tragic situations in my opinion.  I don’t think any of this does any good for anyone.

Was Casey Anthony guilty?  I think the answer is probably, but who knows.  Here’s what I wonder about.  In these high profile cases where they can drag out the testimony for weeks or months, it seems like there is a high propensity for a not guilty.  Why is that?  I think the reasonable doubt standard becomes more and more difficult to prove the more information that is put out there.  If you throw a dozen theories out there, you can create some doubt in someone’s mind.  The prosecution can try, but we generally don’t have video of the crime.

Maybe justice was done in this case, although I still don’t understand the accidental death theory.  If they are saying it was an accident, how are there no charges that fit hiding a body?  Which takes me back to Nancy Grace.  Casey Anthony certainly wasn’t rich or famous, until Nancy Grace turned the “Hot Body” contestant into a national celebrity.

Some reaction from around the web:

bugbuster1 Nonsense. It was a vindication of the justice system. I don’t know or care if she did it. The important thing is that the prosecution was properly tested and found wanting. If she did it, then blame the prosecution not the jury. It would have been far worse to wrongly convict an innocent person. The jury knows more about this case than anyone. I accept what they say.


bryan… there was more than enough evidence to convict her.  unfortunately the jury was made of braindead people who needed a darned video of the murder to be able to convict for it. you move to saudi arabia where people can kill their kids, you’ll like it!

I guess now she will team-up with OJ Simpson, so that the two of them can spend the rest of their lives together looking for the “real killers”.

A narcissistic, lying sociopath has been set loose. Pray she never has another child because she has learned how to get away with murder. Poor Caylee. She will never know justice in this world. Casey will face justice in the next.

Romans 12:19Dear friends, never take revenge. Leave that to the righteous anger of God. For the Scriptures say,   “I will take revenge;      I will pay them back,”      says the Lord.
lalversonThere was no case. She was a terrible mother but there was no real motive, there was no evidence to show cause of death. The prosecution spending days showing her running about and seeing men but they could not put her in the same room killing her little girl. A shovel was burrowed yes but the body wasn’t buried it was dumped on the ground. A body in a trashbag, locked in a car for a few days to a week in Florida the body would have turned into soup and the car would have smelled so bad anyone within a thousand feet of it would smell it.Casey Anthony was a bad mom, but not a killer. I would be looking at the other two people that said on the stand that they saw her and interacted with the little girl everyday and then poof she vanishes and these devoted grands don’t even mention it for 30 days?  Seems to me the police failed to investigate this crime. Now it is too late. You all say she’s a killer that got a away. The evidence says she was not the killer despite what Nancy Grace says.


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