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This is an article I actually hate to write.  I like shopping at  I have always received great service, and the prices on things I have purchased have always been greatly reduced. has run social networking programs in the past that I have written about.  The programs were edgy and exciting.  So, I’ve been sitting on this article for a while in hopes that things would improve.  Alas, tonight I find myself making a declaration: does not have compelling email marketing.

I give you an example of the “Weekly Deals” email that I receive.  Let’s examine the biggest areas of concern first.

  • Subject Line –  Their subject line says:  “McAfee 2010 Internet Security 3 User $26.99, Philips Headphones $9.99, iPod Touch $239.99, Emerson Universal Remote $9.99,..” BUT in my email client, I see “McAfee 2010 Internet Security 3 Use.”  This is not the most compelling subject line I have ever seen.
  • Length – The newsletter is 15 scrolls long.  Do they really think people will get to the bottom of a 15-scroll email?  What’s the point of including all of these products if nobody is going to see them?
  • Continuity – This email doesn’t look anything like the page.  I like to continue look and feel from the site to the email.  Users are familiar with site look and feel.  There can be authenticity questions when email takes such a departure.
  • Above the Fold – The only information I get above the fold is the “Weekly Deals” graphic.  I’d like to see more relevant information in that valuable space.

What’s good about this email?

  • Information – is giving me options in this email, and that’s never bad.  The presentation could be better, but choices are always positive.
  • Social Sharing – Links to Twitter and Facebook pages are both there. does a great job with social networking.  I would like to see these links higher up in the email, though.
  • Subscription Options – This is the feature I like best.  If you can copy one thing from, this is the one. gives you 6 “when” and 4 “what” subscription options.  Fantastic job!

I am a customer who would be more engaged with relevant communications.  There is good news.  There’s a good foundation to work with.  A little tweaking could make this a must-read communication for me.  Can you go through the same kind of positive/negative exercise with your communication programs?


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