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Just noticed yesterday that I was published in BtoB Magazine. It is an article about “whitelisting” and how that process has changed, and what you should expect. Here’s a link to the article.  I wrote this article quite a while ago.  I wouldn’t say that things have changed since then, but I did only have 300 words.  Here are some of the things that I wasn’t able to talk about.

Personal  Whitelisting

Don’t focus on being whitelisted.  The part that I’d like you to think about is the relationship piece.  If someone trusts you enough to add them to their personal address book, that’s a fantastic thing.  It opens many opportunities for you as an email sender.  This privilege also comes with some responsibility.  A personal whitelisting does not give you free reign to take advantage, you should be respectful and send the types of communications that have warranted the user’s trust.  Address book listing will continue to have a greater and greater impact with the Yahoo!, AOL, MSN, and Gmail types moving forward.

Domain Reputation

The trend is to performance-based Deliverability.  This isn’t really anything new.  I’ve been talking about this fact for the last 3 years.  Domain reputation is the standard to which we are held.  That means very simply:  send mail recipients want to receive, or don’t expect to be delivered.  Tricks that were used in the past to sneak email through are very quickly becoming obsolete.  The time to become a relevant email sender is right now. 

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