Bring In-N-Out Burger To Dallas – Online Petition 3

In-N-Out burgers are fantastic.  When I travel to California, you can bet I will try to figure out a way to get to an In-N-Out burger.  I may have even picked a hotel because of proximity to an In-N-Out location.  I live in Texas, where some of the finest hamburgers in the world are produced and devoured.  Sampling some of the best burgers the Dallas/Fort Worth area has to offer is a gourmet experience.  It’s almost hamburger heaven.  Dallas/Fort Worth needs an In-N-Out Burger.

I’ve read about the history of the In-N-Out Burger company.  The story is a great one about a family-run business that cares about employees and the product it produces.  Here’s a blurb from their History page.

In-N-Out remains privately owned and the Snyder family has no plans to take the company public or franchise any units. All Associates are treated like family. Many Associates have been with In-N-Out for over 20 years, some even worked with Harry and Esther in the early years. These relationships and the commitment to the company’s philosophies continue to make In-N-Out a very special place to work.

Texans have a great respect for tradition.  We understand what it means for a family-run business to prosper.  Above all, we respect the greatness of the HAMBURGER!!!

Please don’t deny us the greatness of In-N-Out burgers any longer.  This place is so cool, it even has a secret menu.

What can we do?  Comment below, and tell the folks at In-N-Out how much we want them.  Together, we can make a difference for our stomachs!

I’ll take my Double-Double Animal Style.


3 thoughts on “Bring In-N-Out Burger To Dallas – Online Petition

  1. Reply Kevin Senne Mar 30,2010 2:37 pm

    Keller Texas wants In-N-Out Burgers today!!!!

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  3. Reply Kevin Senne's Wife Mar 31,2010 8:16 am

    I can confirm Kevin Senne really wants an In-N-Burger in the DFW area, (but preferably in Keller, Texas) and has for a very long time. Please, oh please, accommodate his request, In-N-Out Burger Powers That Be. It would be hell on his waistline, but heaven on my ears.

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