BP CEO “I’d Like My Life Back” 1

Tony Hayward, the CEO of BP is thinking about what’s important.  Watch this amazing video, where he actually says that “I’d like my life back.”  Yes, that’s right Mr. Hayward has had enough of all this working.  I understand what he’s talking about.  The Gulf of Mexico is hot and humid this time of year.  I’m sure he misses the Four Seasons.  Think of all the parties he’s missing.  He is after all the architect of the Gulf Oil Disaster, and that must be draining.

I suppose that it’s too much to ask that Mr. Hayward actually be worried about the damage that his companies incompetence has caused.  I think I might actually feel bad, and want to do my best to make things as right as possible.  This is everything you need to know about this ass clown.  “I’d like my life back.”

You and a few million animals and people who actually have to live on the Gulf Coast.


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