Blockbuster Fantasy Football Trade – The Day After

Here we are, the week after the big trade.  Did the trade work out for me in the first week?  The answer is a resounding NO!  To recap, I traded away Adrian Peterson for Frank Gore, Roddy White, and Ronnie Brown.  I took my first loss of the week in that league over the weekend.  Frank Gore went down after gaining FOUR yards, and is lost for at least the next three weeks.  Roddy White is still off to a slow start.  Ronnie Brown was his steady self.  On the bright side, I have Pierre Thomas on the bench, and he had a very nice game with 125+ yards and two scores.  I still think that I made the smart trade.  Roddy White will come around.  Frank Gore will be back later in the year, and I am strong on the bench.  Wes Welker has been hurt, but when he returns, I now have 3 strong WR’s.  I realize I am giving up some big AP games for the overall balance for the season.  The trick in Fantasy Football is just get to the playoffs.  You don’t need to win the regular season crown, or score the most points.  You just need a chance at the title in the playoffs.  Don’t give up if you have a slow start to your season.  Watch the waiver wire for bargains, be alert for trades, and be willing to take some chances.

My Random Thoughts

  • New England is starting to scare me just a bit.  Is Brady not going to ever be the same?
  • I am glad the Tony Romo hype is starting to catch up with him.  Why does a grown man continue to wear his hat backwards?
  • There are a lot of good running backs this year, wide receivers are what I can’t find.
  • I haven’t watched ANY live football this year, at least the American kind, but that’s another confession for another time.
  • There were a lot of really bad quarterback numbers this weekend.
  • Here come the Bye weeks, time to shine for those of you who follow the numbers and have strong benches.

Good luck in week 4!

Fantasy Football Week 3 Standings

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