Remember This? – Black Friday Idiots Try To Kill Each Other 1

This was published last year, but I am sure it will happen again.  Stay home and shop on the internet, that’s what it is for.

I’ll never understand what makes so crazy that they will literally step over the body of another human being to run into a store to buy something. This years obligatory scene of humanity at its disgusting worst. Shoppers in Buffalo, New York trample others as they run into a Target store.

What did Target have that was so great? You’ll risk killing yourself or others for what, a low-quality TV?


The pile up happened at the North Buffalo Target, and when the workers finally got the crowd under control at least one man was taken to the hospital. Seconds after the doors opened, something went dangerously wrong. Crazed Black Friday shoppers began piling up on each other.

A shopper said, “It went from controlled to a mob in less than five minutes and it just got nasty.”

When officials heard the screams they ran over right away to help.

Shopper Rich Mathewson said, “It was a lot of angry people just jumping in after we waited patiently for a long time. It actually started way before that people started getting angry at everybody.”

After it happened, one man bent over in pain, but he took off into the North Buffalo Target store seconds later along with everyone else. One man was taken to Kenmore Mercy hospital where he was treated and released.

Target officials say they had no idea anyone was injured until News 4 called them.

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