The Texas Rangers are Big Time

I don’t exactly know when this happened, but the Texas Rangers are the real deal.  This is hard for a Rangers fan to truly articulate.  I have lived in Dallas just about 40 years now.  I lived and died with the Rangers as a kid.  Check that, died with the Rangers because they never ever ...

Paul Williams Paralyzed

Awful news from the world of Boxing.  Paul Williams, one of my favorite fighters, was paralyzed from the waist down after a motorcycle accident.  I wish Paul the best.  What a bummer, he was one of the most exciting and tough fighters out there. ATLANTA — Boxer Paul Williams was paralyzed from the waist down ...

Facebook is the Worst Performing IPO of the Decade

Via The Atlantic via Bloomberg.  The change in stock price during the first five days of trading over the last ten years.

Thank You – This Memorial Day

Thank You - This Memorial Day
Some pictures of a moving visit I had to Arlington Memorial last year. There are no words.                

Random Spam – Delta Airlines – What happened?

Random Spam - Delta Airlines - What happened?
I received this very strange message this morning.  I do receive Delta Airlines email, but this one is a little strange.                       After doing a little research, I found that eCrew is the Delta Airlines employee extranet site.  This email arrived from a legit place.  ... – Very Cool Site for Designers

I ran across this site and wanted to share it, and help get out the word for what is really a great idea. (yes 3 b’s) is a site where designers share small screenshots of things they are working on.  You can really get lost in these cool ideas.  I was inspired looking through ...