– Real Scumbags continues their tradition of deplorable behavior with this latest episode.  This one takes the cake.  The company has been using the picture of a fallen American soldier in their advertisements.  They give a lame excuse, but let’s be serious, this isn’t the first time this company has been caught faking profiles, etc…  Sleep well ...

Pete Weber – You are Still Just a Bowler 1

This Pete Weber guy thinks he is Michael Jordan or something.  What an asshole this guy is.  I thought bowler’s were supposed to be good sports.  Let me tell you, this is anything but good sportsmanship.  Go polish your balls jerk. httpv://

Now This is an Obituary

Don’t mess around with this A.J. person for future reference.

I Don’t Understand the Point of Facebook Timeline – Am I Stupid?

I Don't Understand the Point of Facebook Timeline - Am I Stupid?
FACEBOOK TIMELINE – This was like an evil cry that chased me around for months.  I wasn’t sure exactly what timeline was going to be, but I had seen screenshots and read articles about the coming apocalypse.  All I knew a few months ago was that I didn’t want my Facebook experience to be changed ...

What the Frack? 1

Why do we continue to allow the news media to keep pretending that fracking is not dangerous.  Let’s see, fracking has caused earthquakes in places where there should be no earthquakes.  Fracking shoots poison into the ground where water comes from.  Fracking causes changes in the water table that make some people’s swimming pools come ...