A Tattoo I Support

A Tattoo I Support
I don’t have any tattoos.  I suppose that I am just not ready to make that kind of lifetime commitment.  If I was going to shack up with a tattoo, this is one that I might consider.  You can’t go wrong with Animal and Dr. Teeth.  Viva La Muppets!!  

Radisson/Carlson Hotels – I’ll Sell You a Clue 1

Radisson/Carlson Hotels - I'll Sell You a Clue
It’s been 10 days since I told you all about my experience with Radisson and the goldpoints plus program.  My hope was that I would be contacted by someone at Radisson or goldpoints plus.  They would explain to me that all of this was a misunderstanding.  They would tell me that I was right, and ...

Hey You Cat Lovers

Hey You Cat Lovers
This is one clever piece of prose.  Thanks for the laugh defective yeti! FYI…I am the owner of two cats, so I am allowed to laugh.

Radisson Does Not Care About Travelers 7

Radisson is pulling a bait and switch scam you should be aware of before staying in one of their properties.  I urge you to stay somewhere besides Radisson and Carlson hotels.  Stay with a hotel chain that actually wants your business.  Carlson Hotels have poor customer service.  Don’t waste your time and money. Please read ...

TV Reporter Loses It 1

This TV reporter throws a fit at the end of his live shot.  I’m not sure what he’s mad about.   The quote seems awkward, maybe we couldn’t read his own writing.  The funny part of the video to me is the studio anchor when they quickly cut back.  The look on this guys face is ...

Via Con Dios Corey Haim

We lost one of the greats last night, as Corey Haim passed away at the tender age of 38.  Corey starred in some of the best movies of our generation.  He was regarded as a fine actor and even finer humanitarian.  Yeah, none of that is true.  I don’t think it is possible for me ...