No Love For Dr. Cuddy

Why do TV stars insist on leaving successful shows?  Why not ride out the show and bankroll until the ride is over?  How many examples do we need to prove this to be correct?  Now, Lisa Edelstein is leaving “House” after seven years.  “House” is one of about four TV shows I can stand to watch and this really throws a monkey wrench in what is planned to be the last season.  No storyline to get rid of Dr. Cuddy?  Nothing, but “I am leaving the show for new opportunities.”  Hey, guess what there are no opportunities.

You will never be in another hit TV show.

You will never star in a movie.

You aren’t George Clooney, and he’s the only one to leave a great character on a great show and do better.

The only thing you will ever produce is an after-school special.

You just screwed up “House.”

Thanks for nothing Dr. Cuddy.

LOS ANGELES – Lisa Edelstein is checking out of Fox TV’s “House.”

In a statement Tuesday, the actress said she is leaving the medical series after seven years as Dr. Lisa Cuddy.

The decision followed much consideration and brings mixed feelings, Edelstein said: She’s disappointed at leaving a character she loved playing but is excited about the opportunities in acting and producing that are ahead.

Edelstein didn’t offer details on her plans. (Author’s Note – Because She Has NONE)

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